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The Government Committee for Religious Affairs receives delegation from the International Halal Integrity Alliance Limited

On May 23, 2014, at the headquarters of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA), Mr. Bùi Thanh Hà, Vice – Chairman of the GCRA had a working session with a delegation from the International Halal Integrity Alliance Limited (IHIA) led by Mr. Haji Rafek Saleh, Executive Director.

Attending the meeting were also leaders and officials of Department of Other Religions, Department of International Cooperation and the Office under the Committee.

At the meeting, on behalf of the delegation, Mr. Haji Rafek Saleh thanked the GCRA for its warm welcome and expressed his wish to learn about religious situation and Muslim in Vietnam as well as grant of Halal certification for Vietnam enterprises.

Halal food means food permitted for usage under the Islamic Law. The principles of Halal food are pure and clean. Halal food is not only selected by Muslims but also non - Muslims because it was allowed by Shariah Law of Muslim and at the same time ensure standards of health organizations and world food organizations. Currently, there are about 300 organizations related to Halal certification in 100 countries and territories, the IHIA is the coalition of Halal organizations from continents.

Mr. Bùi Thanh Hà briefed the guests on the religious situation in Vietnam and said Vietnam is a multi–religious country with many religious followers. The Vietnamese Party and State always respect and guarantee citizens’ right to freedom of belief and religion. Currently, Muslim in Vietnam has about 1,100 dignitaries and 80,000 followers.

On behalf of the GCRA, Mr. Bùi Thanh Hà thanked the IHIA for supporting Muslim community in Vietnam over the past time and expressed his hope that the IHIA will continue to guide and support the Halal organizations of Vietnam in providing technical supports for Vietnam’s Halal certification to be recognized in the world, creating favorable conditions for exporting Vietnam goods into Muslim market.

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