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Halal Certification Process

Arabic Halal means permitted use. Food and Halal certified products have special significance for the business market in Muslim countries or countries with citizens in Islam. Halal Certification is a proven form of social obligations and increase customer trust and confidence in the product. It provides great opportunities for export.

Process Halal certification from ICHC (Islamic Center for Halal Certificate):
Apply Halal Certification
Customer needs assessment halal certification mark of the registration submission 1
certification (MF 9:01 Application form) to include office ICHC information about the Company and Halal certified products need.
2. Quotations and contracts
ICHC After receiving the Certificate of Registration (Application form MF 9:01) Council Certification will review and inform the client expenses and accompanying
The contract to carry out contracts. After signing the contract, Guest transfer of records to the ICHC 1 include:
1-Contract Halal certification
2-World Records About the company (including organizational chart).
3-Sign Up business or establishment decision.
4-The paper permitted activities (if any).
5-Regulations process / production Sitemap certified products.
6-The results testing of certified products (if any).
7-The evidence just like ISO, HACCP, GMP, GAP (if any) ..
8-Register (brand) of the company, if any;
9-List branch address of the company
10-Certificate receive sanitation
11-Certificate received on Fire
12-Process wastewater treatment and other papers relating to wastewater
13-Profile rooms experiments

3. Assessment Documentation The review and evaluation of records and documents submitted by the customer how  including a detailed analysis of the company's records and registration form, paper registration business, products and ingredients to create products that name and address of the manufacturer, raw material suppliers, the status of the request Halal ingredients, packaging materials, the production processes and procedures. After reviewing the document, if there is a lack of  other necessary documents can be considered experts in the processassessment at the scene. 

4. Field Assessment
Payment of assessment and certification must be conducted before field testing. The on-site inspection of the customer to comply with the procedures of ICHC. Check out the scene as one of the official evaluation met with the leadership of the company and interviewing staff responsible for direct production. The inspection includes checking out the ingredients declaration, storage of materials and finished products, storage, processing plant - producing diagrams and process aspects of the production process, packaging , total sanitation program, quality control. The discussions with the company's management and production staff responsible for compliance is to confirm the findings and recommendations observations required by stakeholders.

5. Prepare reports
Expert Review assessment and analysis will then write a comprehensive report on the status of the application requirements HALAL.
6. Technical Examination
Profile evaluation will be submitted and evaluated by certified Halal Council.
7. Halal Certificate Level
ICHC be certified Halal and Halal logo allows for use of the product is recommended to use halal stamp.
8. Halal Certificate and Logo
The validity of the certificate is a 1 year, 6 months supervision 1 times. Re-certification assessment is made no later than 1 month before the expiration date.

9. Assess the suitability of Halal
ICHC will evaluate the appropriateness of Halal compliance through periodic monitoring or when unexpected evidence that the Company fails to comply with Halal requirements. When detected in time after Halal certification, any changes made by the manufacturer without prior approval of the ICHC will result in the suspension or revocation of its certificate. These changes may be the mismatch of seriousness:

• MINOR (Not suitable light): In relation to safety
• MAJOR (severe mismatch): Involves changing components, suppliers of machinery and plant relocation;

The errors mentioned above will result in the invalidation certificate and the Company have carried out the corrective action preventative. Serious problem: In relation to the use of components Haram (prohibited) in production (eg, do not kill animals according to Islamic rites, use pork or its derivatives). Violation of this error will be revoked certificate has been issued.

10. Time
Total time of the evaluation and certification of Halal is released within 1 month. This process includes document review, to inspect the scene, reports, technical examination and issue Halal certificates. However, depending on time payment was made or not Enterprise. (After payment time assessment and certification is 1 month).

11. Halal certification costs
The cost depends on the number of products for certification from: 800 USD - $ 2,000
Re-certification cost: 600 USD - $ 1,200.
Monitoring costs: 300-500 USD
(This fee does not include travel costs, accommodation of the inspection team).

The strong commitment and awareness of everyone in the company is the key to successful application of Halal food production. Certification organizations can provide training services Halal requirements and service delivery guidelines food preparation, ingredients, techniques and slaughter programs, and actively promote product Halal products.

Halal certification is not required, the company is certified Halal competitive advantage over other companies. Halal certification related benefits.

The sign-level domains Halal certification:

1. Halal Food Drinks - Food and Beverage
2. Halal Medicines - Drugs west
3. Halal Cosmetics - Cosmetics
4. Halal Health Supplements - Functional Foods
5. Halal Halal Restaurant Hotel - Restaurant Hotel
6. Halal Animal Feed - feed ...

The procedure Halal certification:
1. We will direct consultation to identify the overall enterprise, send experts to work directly with business and send registration form Enterprises Halal certification

3. After finishing business advice, ICHC will send company registration certificate Halal Form, Fill in the registration form and send ICHC

4. We will submit to Council certification registration form, proceed to
 contracts, documentation and expert evaluation will assess direct hit
value in Enterprise.

5. Halal Certificate issued to businesses in about 2 weeks after evaluation at enterprises. Certificate valid 1 year.

(We learn overall about materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, warehousing ...
If it does not fit the rules of Islamic Shari'ah (Islamic law), we advise enterprises to complete it. Because we want to review, product authentication for enterprise registration, make sure that products must meet the standards of Halal Certification will not be complicated. Then, we will reach agreement with the Company procedures, costs and other criteria.)



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